Frequently Asked Questions

This is our frequently asked questions about Big Boys Manchester. We hope this answers any questions you may have been contemplating asking. If your question still isn't answered, be sure to contact us and we will be happy to help with any enquiry.

Questions about our Agency


Question: Who are Big Boys Manchester?

Answer: Big Boys Manchester are an agency who strive to deliver the finest male and gay escorts in Manchester to the people of the North West. With a wide variety of male escorts that range from young lads to mature gentlemen, we are proud to offer exclusive services to our clientele.

Our agency has high standards as we strive to maintain a professional and confidential service which has seen our reputation grow. By ensuring our clients have a unique experience each and every booking with us, we are delivering on our promise to turn fantasies into reality. We don't settle for anything less than perfection which sees our clientele leaving excellent reviews and using our agency again.

The prices we charge for our exquisite male Manchester escorts and services may seem wrong. The low prices do raise eyebrows but at Big Boys Manchester we want our high-quality services to be accessible to the whole of the North West no matter what walk of life you may come from. This way we can build a relationship with our clients as they use our agency more and more times.

Question: Are Big Boys Manchester a trusted male escort agency?

Answer: Here at Big Boys Manchester we have continued to grow by word of mouth. We do not advertise over your TV screens but by delivering excellent services which you will hopefully then recommend to your friends. If we weren't a trusted agency this wouldn't be possible. All our male Manchester escorts have genuine images and information. Some of our guys even have their own blog posts like The Diary of the Dark Destroyer which gives you an insight into more information about our guys.

We keep our clientèle's personal information private and our booking methods only require very few personal details. We also promise to never reveal or sell any of our client's details to a third party.

Question: Are the gay escorts on the site genuine?

Answer: Yes! All of our gay male escorts are genuine. All the information about them is 100% accurate and some of our lads even have their own blogs on the site where you can follow their escorting journey of how their week has been.

Question: What are your operating times?

Answer: Big Boys Manchester are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a friendly reception team manning the phones all day so we never miss a booking. This being said our males and gay boys do work when they choose as they are self-employed so we always recommend you book in advance so we can arrange with them if they can make your desired arrangements. This enables us to never disappoint a client and helps us get our guys to you as fast as possible.

Question: Where are you located?

Answer: Our agency is located in the heart of Manchester and all of our team work closely to tram and train stations. This makes it very easy for our lads to travel to you for outcall bookings or for you to travel to them. Our gay escorts travel to these districts of Manchester and are available for outcall bookings

Question: What type of escorts do you provide?


Questions about Bookings


Question: What is an incall booking?

Answer: An incall booking is quite simple. You will travel to your desired male Manchester escorts place of residence whether that may be their home, apartment or hotel room to spend time in their company. Whatever consulting adults do in privacy is completely up you them

Question: What is an outcall booking?

Answer: Outcall bookings is opposite to incall bookings. Outcall bookings may be for people who are not as confident to travel to the escort's residence and would refer our male escorts to visit them. Outcall bookings are slightly more expensive to cover travel costs but it is worth the additional cost to feel more comfortable in your own surroundings.

Question: What services do Big Boys Manchester escort perform?

Answer: Our male escorts provide a wide variety of exclusive services around Manchester. From wearing uniforms whilst performing stripteases and lapdances to women at hen parties to being the perfect gentlemen for the BFE, our male escorts will make you will like the only person in the world that matters.

Our gay escorts in Manchester are amongst the very best in the North West. They are not only good looking but offer a huge range of services that range from dinner dates to party boys. To find out exactly which services our lads offer we recommend you call us in advance and we can talk you through which of our companions are experts in the services you are looking to indulge in.

Question: How do I book an escort from Big Boys Manchester?

Answer: To meet the high demand for out male and gay Manchester escorts we have made booking companions from Big Boys Manchester as easy as possible. We have created two booking methods which are both secure and easy to use. If you are 100% certain on which lad you would like to spend time in the company of and already have your date planned out, we recommend you use our online booking form. It only takes a few minutes to complete by adding a few details about yourself and the arrangements you are desire. We will then process the order and contact you the details on your dates.

If you would rather speak to one friendly team then call 01234567890. Our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have and recommend any date ideas if you are struggling. We can also confirm your date on the phone whilst speaking to you and then all that is left to do is wait for the night of your life.

Question: Can I cancel a booking?

Answer: Yes, of course, you can! We just ask you cancel in advance so our male escorts are not travelling around the North West to be disappointed.

Questions about Payments


Question: How do I pay for a booking?

Answer: It is common practice in the escort industry that you pay by cash in an envelope and within the first 15 minutes of your booking. We ask our clientele to act as gentlemen and follow this request without no fuss otherwise it can make the date awkward and feel forced if our guys have to ask you to pay.

Question: Can I pay via Credit Card?

Answer: We do not currently accept Credit cards. This is because we are a confidential male and gay escort agency and keeping the payments strictly to cash can help keep details as secure and confidential as possible.

Question: Can I have a discounted rate?

Answer: No! The answer is quite simple. Our male escorts in Manchester do take offence whenever someone asks for a discount because, for the quality of service they already provide, the rates that we charge are very cheap. Imagine asking a Michelin star chef for a discount, it just wouldn't happen

Question: Why are Outcall Bookings more expensive?

Answer: Outcall bookings are more expensive than incall bookings because you are paying the travelling cost to get your male companion to you. Normally an outcall booking will not cost any more than around £20

Questions about our Clientele


Question: Do your male escorts see clients of all races?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Do your male escorts see clients who are disabled?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Do your male escorts see clients who are transgender?

Answer: Yes!

Here at Big Boys Manchester we never discriminate against any of our clientele. Our guys aim to give every single client an experience that they will never forget no matter who they are.

Questions about Recruitment


Question: Are you recruiting?

Big Boys are always looking to recruit new male escorts who will be added to our Manchester agency. If you are interested in working for our company then why don't you fill out our recruitment form and we will be more than happy to take you into consideration. The form is quick and easy to complete and if you are successful we will get in contact with you within a week.