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Here at Big Boys Manchester, we are delighted to announce that due to the growth of our gay and male Manchester escort agency we have been able to expand and now offer to our discerning clientele a stunning selection of bodybuilder escorts. Who doesn't look at a big muscular man and not go weak at the knees?

Each of our bodybuilders has been hand-selected, vetted and have completed our vigorous training scheme. Available for incall and outcall booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have compiled a gallery of Bodybuilder escorts that range from tall brunette men to stocky broad blonde lads. With bulging biceps, huge pecs and a toned 6 pack stomach, these guys really are the definition of Greek Gods.

Continue to learn more about the history of bodybuilding and how to book one of our companions.

Discover the very best selection of Bodybuilder Escorts in Manchester

Bodybuilding was first practised dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptian times where stone lifting would be a competition. Between 1880 and 1953 was when weightlifting truly started to develop into a strongman display of strength in front of crowds. In the 19th Century, the 'Father of Bodybuilding' Eugen Sandow from Germany introduce the sport to England. Since it has become a huge hit and today we are delighted to bring to Manchester bodybuilding escorts.

Bodybuilding is an art form that takes control, passion and dedication. The misconception that it is all about the end goal of looking ripped and sexy is a myth as our bodybuilder escorts our disciplined and have a clear mind making them friendly, intelligent companions who are great to have a chat with. Down to earth, many of our guys have been motivated by Arnold Schwarzenegger and not only want to look good but give back by ensuring that our clients have the most fulfilling experiences possible

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So whether you are looking for your very own Zeus from our selection of gay Manchester escorts or you just want a strong man who is able to throw you around the bedroom, our companions deliver repeatedly high-level companionship services on a day to day basis. It is not easy being that muscular though and most of these guys with be found in the gym so book in advance so we can get them out to you as fast as possible.

To book a bodybuilder escort today, why not contact our agency directly. Over the last few months, we have worked incredibly hard to perfect our processes to meet the growing demand to make the experience of booking with Big boys as hassle-free as possible. By calling tel: 01234567890 you will be put in touch with our trained team. Don't be afraid to ask any question as they know the industry like the back of their hands and are happy to help.