The Diary of Magic Mike: Part 3

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to the readers of my blog. The response has been great and even though it was never my attention to gain more bookings off the back of the posts, it has been amazing to hear so many of you want to book me as your gay Manchester escort. I am truly humbled by your support.

Time Off as a Gay Escort in Manchester

I am sorry to report that this blog may be a little shorter than usual. I always aim to report back on my month working for Big Boys Manchester but with Christmas, which is one of the busiest months shortly coming up, I decided to take a couple of weeks off. I went to visit some of my relatives that are living in Jamaica and it was a great 2-week getaway that really refreshed me.

As you know, I only ever want to deliver the highest standards of companionship services to you guys. I personally feel that this holiday has done me the world of good and despite me feeling bad about not being available for bookings over the last few weeks, I can promise that the bookings I take on over Christmas will truly be unforgettable.

A Gay Manchester Escort: My 2 Weeks

Despite having time off towards the end of October, I was available for incall and outcall bookings for 2 weeks. During this time I was very busy seeing a few gay guys and even got to strip at two hen parties, which I always enjoy. My first booking was actually on the first of the month with a really nice young lad. He had booked in advance and we had chatted before the meeting. He was unsure about his sexuality and wondered if a date with me would help him understand if he was gay.

The date was really good. He was a nice sweet boy but in my personal opinion he was very confused so it took it upon myself to have a chat with him and calm his nerves. He left after the booking with a big smile and kept thanking me. It was a really nice moment for me because in this industry you don't actually ever really see how much good you are doing for that person.

The booking that really stuck out in my mind was one of the hen parties I danced at. Some of my friends don't understand why I enjoy these bookings so much but this one just highlights everything I love. The ladies were very fun and we shared a good laugh. The bride was very pretty and it was good just to dance again, it really is one of my biggest passions.

I understand this may not be as in-depth as my last couple of posts but again I just want to say a big thank you. Now I have had a rest, I hereby promise to continue working as hard as I can to help Big Boys Manchester be famous for offering the very best gays escorts Manchester has available. I hope you continue reading my blog posts as it means a great deal to me.

Michael, signing out until the next instalment of 'The Diary of Magic Mike'.