Spotlight: Party Boy Matt

Welcome to our new Spotlight blog series where we interview our gay Manchester escorts. The blogs will be a quick write-up of an interview with each of our guys as they answer questions which will hopefully tell you more about them that you may not already know.

We are very happy that Matt has taken time out of his busy schedule to talk to us so you can gain a better understanding of our Party Boy and what services he is an expert in. So let's get underway!


Q. Hi Matt can you tell our clientele a little bit more about yourself?

A. Hi, as you have already heard my name is Matt. I am known as quite a party boy around Manchester and have been known to crawl into my flat a few days after going out. I am 6ft1 and have blonde hair and big blue eyes. I am currently 23 years old and am a gay Manchester escort.


Q. What made you decide to start escorting? How did you get into it?

A. I started when I was around 19 years old. A modelling agency introduced me to a guy and it just started from there really. This may sound weird but I have always been intrigued by escorting from an early age. My dad was a porn star back in the day and we have always had an open relationship where we have discussed our love lives. I have always enjoyed the intimacy that comes with relationships but I have never enjoyed the heartache. So bringing people joy by giving them what I can offer in a situation where I don't get hurt is perfect for me.


Q. What do your parents and friends think about your career?

A. As I said, my dad was a porn star so we have always been really open with one another. My mum didn't like the idea at first but my family and friends have always been very supportive and they see how happy I am doing it.


Q. Why did you choose to work for Big Boys Manchester?

A. Where do I begin? Big Boys Manchester have always been amazing to me from day one. To be honest when I was first searching for a male escort agency to represent I only thought about money and reputation. Big Boys did offer me a great wage and are considered the number one gay Manchester escort agency. But as I have seen over the time I have work for the agency, you can work you our schedule, you can choose which clients you want to see, you really are treated like family and I wouldn't work for anyone else now.


Q. What do you like about working for Big Boys Manchester?

A. I think I just answered that in the last question. You get made to feel like part of a family in a very cat and dog industry. It's unusual to see but I love it and wouldn't change any of it. Obviously, the wage and schedule is a very nice bonus too.


Q. Is there anything about escorting that you don't like?

A. Give me a second, I'm going to have to think that question through. There is nothing I really dislike. Maybe sometime I wish my clients were a little more confident because they are all great guys and I don't enjoy seeing them coming to me upset. They are special people and not everyone sees that and it upsets me.


Q. How has your month been as a Party Boy escort in Manchester?

A. Well, I was delighted to have been given time off to attend gay pride. I really enjoyed the celebrations, I had so much fun. But as soon as the event was over, oh boy I have been busy. I've had bookings nearly every weekend since, especially around Canal Street and Deansgate. I have to say every client I have seen has really put a smile on my face and I have really enjoyed the last month working for Big Boys. Hopefully, the upcoming months are just as good.

That was all we had time for with Matt because he is a busy guy. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Matt again for his time and I hope you have all gained a better insight into our Party Boy. If you want to check out Matt's profile the link is here

We hope to bring you more exclusive interviews in the upcoming months with our other male Manchester escorts.