LGBT Slang and what it means

Gay slang is becoming more and more common in the LGBT community. The slang was a great way to identify each other but because of sodomy laws forced it to remain quite a secretive language. It was in a sense a code to speak to each other without openly revealing their sexual orientation during the times of fearing prosecution from being a homosexual. Now the terms are much more modern and have evolved with the times to the point there are even queer studies in universities.

Since the early 20th century, a form of Polari (cant slang used by actors, showmen and wrestlers) was developed by gay men and lesbians around urban areas. In today's society, the Polari term which were once used have been adopted and adapted to meet with how gay men and women act today. So to help you guys out, if you are looking to booking one of our gay Manchester escorts here are some of the slang terms which may come in handy.

Gay Slang Terms

  • Basket: The bulge that you can see in a males pants. May reveal the size of the genitals through the clothing.

  • Bear: A large hairy man. This type of guy is available for incall and outcall bookings from our agency today

  • Bumming: The act of anal sex

  • Chicken/Fox: The term is given to a young man

  • Cottaging: Having sex in a public toilet or even watching

  • Cub: A young man would be a bear if they were older.

  • Gym bunny/Muscle Mary: A gay term for someone who workouts only to look good.

  • Hada: A blowjob

  • Howdy: Touching another person's bum from behind

  • Twink: A young looking man who tends to have shaved or hairless bodies

  • Uros: Another term given for anal sex

  • Wolf: An older guy who is usually grey and falls between the category of fox and bear.

As Manchester is such a diverse city and a tourist destination, we thought you should know that there are many varieties of gay slang depending on your mother tongue. From the USA to Japan you will discover that the slang you know may mean something completely different. Here are a few American gay slang terms that have been taken from Max and Scruff

American Gay Slang

  • Daddy: Usually an older gay man who is doing well financially for himself

  • Kink: Someone who isn't interested in the traditional sexual positions and enjoys fetishes

  • Poz: Someone who is HIV positive

  • Baby Butch: A young boyish lesbian

  • Bathsheba: A gay who frequently visits gay bathhouses

  • Chubby Chaser: A gay boy who looks for obese males.

If you are interested in our agency broadening your knowledge of gay slang, contact us and we may write a part 2 to this blog. I hope you now know more about the language and culture now from reading this blog and for more information either regarding the gay community or how to book our escorts and amazing places to take them, keep up to date with our latest blog posts.